World Read Aloud Day 2017

On February 16, I participated in World Read Aloud Day. I skyped with students in Wisconsin, Georgia and New Jersey. What fun! After reading SALAD PIE (and singing along with me--one group in New Jersey had a great new tune. I wish I had recorded it!), students had a chance to ask me questions. They asked me all sorts of interesting things: if Maggie was just like me, why I loved MARVIN K. MOONEY (a favourite childhood book of mine), if I would write a book called Sandwich Stew, and what the weather was like here in Michigan. I had a blast!

Thank you to LitWorld for creating this event and to Kate Messner for giving authors a great way to connect with schools for this event.

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Salad Pie

by Wendy BooydeGraaff

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Brighton Salad Pie

On Saturday and Sunday, the kids at Brighton's Barnes & Noble made Salad Pie. Here is their recipe:

carrots                                     2 Julias                           apple

flower                                       Marin                             ABC gum (already been chewed)

granola bar                              gift card                        grass

peas                                         pepper                           ABCDEF (I think the alphabet?)

balloon                                    ABS gum (not sure what this is, but it looks fun)

paperclips                               gumballs   

Yes, that is one interesting Salad Pie! Thank you, Brighton Barnes & Noble for hosting the Little Readers, Big Dreams event. Clockwise from below you see me with SALAD PIE, Mary Ann Riehle with THE LITTLE KIDS' TABLE, Lisa Wheeler with THE PET PROJECT: CUTE AND CUDDLY VICIOUS VERSES, and Jordan Scavone with MIGHT-E!

Chesapeake Salad Pie

The children at Chesapeake Children's Book Festival added ingredients to a new batch of Salad Pie. Here's their magnificent recipe:

Chesapeake Salad Pie Recipe

1 carrot

1 tarantula

2 slugs



2 potatoes

1 golf ball

1 green blob (must be green)


2 tomatoes


one dash of I love you

bacon bits

lettuce (2 different kinds)

crabs (the Maryland kind)

one person whose name is Abigail

one J.H.


2 strawberries



1 flamingo

a good dose of summer


a softball

1 necklace



a foot


finger nail polish

1 orange


1 pet dog

1 apple

brussel sprouts J (the smiley face was in there with the brussel sprouts)

1 Ella

1 Elizabeth

1 dandelion


1 Kaleb

1 sprinkle of Tolerance