KCES Salad Pie

Last month, I had a lovely school visit with Kalamazoo Christian Elementary School. What a creative audience: the younger students made KCES Salad Pie (recipe posted below) and the older students came up with a story that featured me, eating ice cream in the Arctic. I hope some of them write that story down, and explain exactly why I’m eating something so cold in a place that’s so cold! There was a collective gasp when I revealed that I don’t like ice cream all that much (though I’ll eat it for the sake of the story :)).

Hopkins School Visit

On March 16, I visited Hopkins Elementary to share presentations on how I became a writer, the writing process, and SALAD PIE with grades K through 5. Each grade level had a slightly different focus. Here is the third grade class:

The younger elementary grade levels learned about imagination and applied their imaginations to creating a pretend Hopkins Salad Pie.

We mixed up all of their contributions in this big salad bowl and came out with a lovely concoction. Here is the recipe for Hopkins Salad Pie:

Grades four and five discussed the writing process and we came up with the idea for some creative stories, complete with the beginnings of a plot so they could run back to class and write a first draft about. . . Eating Asparagus Ice Cream while in a museum at midnight? Brussel Sprout Brownies while contemplating turning into a unicorn? Tomato Donuts on the roof of the school? I'd love to see how some of these stories end up after revisions.

Thank you for inviting me, Hopkins Elementary, and may your imagination lead the way to many more exciting stories.