Reading Rocks in Rockford

Reading Rocks in Rockford is an annual festival of reading, complete with a drum line, a parade of local students dressed up as their favourite book characters, and a bunch of authors. Look at all of us!


The skies were gray, but the rain held off until noon. We authors from SCBWI-Michigan were having such a good time, we didn’t want to leave. But then the thunder rolled, and the radar suggested severe storms coming, so we ended up packing up in a rush and leaving a little early. Thank you, Rockford Rotary, Rockford Community Schools, and Krause Memorial Library for a well-organized and fun event!


Reading in the Snow

Happy March! I just finished reading via video call with a first grade class in Lorena, Texas who were celebrating Dr. Seuss and reading. This past week, they read 205 books! Wow! They read books under tables, with hats on, to a pet, and more. When we talked about the snow in Michigan, they challenged me to read in the snow, and I took them up on that challenge. The proof:

I’ve always lived in a snowy climate, but reading in the snow was a first-time experience. Brrr. I don’t recommend it! But I do recommend reading almost anywhere else.