Picture Book Panel at Southern Kentucky Book Fest

This weekend, on Saturday, April 27, as part of the Southern Kentucky Book Fest programming, I’ll be on a picture book panel with the authors of these books:

Thank you, Anica Mrose Rissi, for creating the graphic!

The rest of the festival, which is Friday and Saturday, I’ll be signing books in the exhibit area. There will be so many authors there! Below are just a few of the children’s books listed on the website, but there will be books for all ages (and their authors).

How a book is made

Today, in celebrating World Read Aloud Day, I read SALAD PIE with some classrooms in Wisconsin and Texas. One of the classes had questions about the book binding process. I tried to answer as well as I could. Some of the questions were tough: Do they sew the pages together by hand? I thought there was a machine that did it. Why don't the pages fall out? Well, they use glue, too, I think. So, I found this video from Chirp Books that shows books being made in a factory. I hope it answers many more of those questions!

Also, a really fun picture book about the book making process is Mac Barnett and Adam Rex's How This Book Was Made.

Happy World Read Aloud Day! And thank you to all of those children, teachers and librarians that hosted me via Skype or Google Hangouts. It was a pleasure meeting you.