Summer Days

Look at this delightful photo some friends shared of their kids making Salad Pie in the backyard!

Hmm, I wonder what their recipe is? I spy wood chips, clover…

Hmm, I wonder what their recipe is? I spy wood chips, clover…

East Leonard Salad Pie

One special class in Grand Rapids read HUNDREDS of books in March for reading month, and I got to visit them. We talked about what we love, and how that gets to be part of the stories we write. I love the outdoors, imagination, books, and food. All of those elements can be found in SALAD PIE. 

Then we made East Leonard Salad Pie. Everyone wrote down what they would put in Salad Pie, and we put it into a big bowl, and mixed it up.

Here's the recipe for East Leonard Salad Pie, up close. Good thing it's a pretend pie!

Keep reading and writing, East Leonard!


Hopkins School Visit

On March 16, I visited Hopkins Elementary to share presentations on how I became a writer, the writing process, and SALAD PIE with grades K through 5. Each grade level had a slightly different focus. Here is the third grade class:

The younger elementary grade levels learned about imagination and applied their imaginations to creating a pretend Hopkins Salad Pie.

We mixed up all of their contributions in this big salad bowl and came out with a lovely concoction. Here is the recipe for Hopkins Salad Pie:

Grades four and five discussed the writing process and we came up with the idea for some creative stories, complete with the beginnings of a plot so they could run back to class and write a first draft about. . . Eating Asparagus Ice Cream while in a museum at midnight? Brussel Sprout Brownies while contemplating turning into a unicorn? Tomato Donuts on the roof of the school? I'd love to see how some of these stories end up after revisions.

Thank you for inviting me, Hopkins Elementary, and may your imagination lead the way to many more exciting stories.

Flashback to Book Beat signing in Oak Park, Michigan

On December 18, 2016, I was at Book Beat near Detroit for book signings with Deborah Aronson and Amy Goldman Koss. Good thing I arrived a little early because this bookstore was packed full of all kinds of goodies (mostly books).

The three of us sat at an antique table surrounded by books and art and artifacts.

And...a young reader, Bridget, from the blog Bridget and the Books, arrived to say hello.

Reader Review

Reader reviews are important because they highlight what the reader takes away from the book. And every reader sees something slightly different. Here's a recent review of SALAD PIE on Amazon:

Everyday Diversity Roundup

Everyday Diversity reviews and categorizes book choices for storytime, focusing on books with people of colour and Native Americans. I'm thrilled that SALAD PIE was included in the July Roundup.

From Everyday Diversity

Salad Pie written by Wendy BooydeGraaff illustrated by Bryan Langdo

An empty playground is the perfect setting for Maggie to make "Salad Pie" (a cleaner version of mud pie), but then Herbert shows up and--even worse--he wants to help. Maggie bossily rejects his attempts to help until she accidentally slips down the slide, dropping the salad into the air. Herbert saves the day by catching both her and the pie, and their friendship is solidified as they make plans to make "Sandwich Stew" tomorrow.

This one includes lots of places to add a little singing refrain, and isn't too wordy, making it a good storytime selection:
"Into the oven," said Maggie, and she closed the imaginary oven door with panache. Gently, ever so gently, Maggie danced her jig. Softly, ever so softly, she sang, "Salad Pie, oh Salad Pie! Soon you'll be ready, Salad Pie!

Themes/Topics: Friendship, Imagination, Playgrounds, Food

Goodreads Giveaway

Enter here to win a signed copy of SALAD PIE:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Salad Pie by Wendy BooydeGraaff

Salad Pie

by Wendy BooydeGraaff

Giveaway ends August 11, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Brighton Salad Pie

On Saturday and Sunday, the kids at Brighton's Barnes & Noble made Salad Pie. Here is their recipe:

carrots                                     2 Julias                           apple

flower                                       Marin                             ABC gum (already been chewed)

granola bar                              gift card                        grass

peas                                         pepper                           ABCDEF (I think the alphabet?)

balloon                                    ABS gum (not sure what this is, but it looks fun)

paperclips                               gumballs   

Yes, that is one interesting Salad Pie! Thank you, Brighton Barnes & Noble for hosting the Little Readers, Big Dreams event. Clockwise from below you see me with SALAD PIE, Mary Ann Riehle with THE LITTLE KIDS' TABLE, Lisa Wheeler with THE PET PROJECT: CUTE AND CUDDLY VICIOUS VERSES, and Jordan Scavone with MIGHT-E!

Chesapeake Salad Pie

The children at Chesapeake Children's Book Festival added ingredients to a new batch of Salad Pie. Here's their magnificent recipe:

Chesapeake Salad Pie Recipe

1 carrot

1 tarantula

2 slugs



2 potatoes

1 golf ball

1 green blob (must be green)


2 tomatoes


one dash of I love you

bacon bits

lettuce (2 different kinds)

crabs (the Maryland kind)

one person whose name is Abigail

one J.H.


2 strawberries



1 flamingo

a good dose of summer


a softball

1 necklace



a foot


finger nail polish

1 orange


1 pet dog

1 apple

brussel sprouts J (the smiley face was in there with the brussel sprouts)

1 Ella

1 Elizabeth

1 dandelion


1 Kaleb

1 sprinkle of Tolerance