Reading in the Snow

Happy March! I just finished reading via video call with a first grade class in Lorena, Texas who were celebrating Dr. Seuss and reading. This past week, they read 205 books! Wow! They read books under tables, with hats on, to a pet, and more. When we talked about the snow in Michigan, they challenged me to read in the snow, and I took them up on that challenge. The proof:

I’ve always lived in a snowy climate, but reading in the snow was a first-time experience. Brrr. I don’t recommend it! But I do recommend reading almost anywhere else.

Upcoming Books by Michigan Authors

Many, many people I meet tell me about their dreams to write a book, and if it's a book for children, I always refer them to SCBWI (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators), an organization I've been a part of for several years. SCBWI is a global nonprofit organization, with local chapters, that encourages both professional and aspiring writers and illustrators to be informed, focus on craft, and find a critique group. Besides offering conferences and networking with people in the children's book industry, SCBWI also celebrates the books written and/or illustrated by its members.

SCBWI-Michigan, my local chapter, has many upcoming books to celebrate. Take a look at these books coming out this summer and fall. Thanks to Jodi McKay for the image.

For the first graders in Lorena, Texas

Today, I read SALAD PIE to a first grade class in Lorena, Texas for Read Across America. I showed them some of the snow from the big storm we had in Michigan yesterday. I only had a bowl of snow, so this picture is to show the snow outside. 

Maggie and Herbert in the snow

Maggie and Herbert in the snow

Also, we talked about my cats, who couldn't be part of the video conference, so here they are: