World Read Aloud Day Skype Sign-up

It's coming! Every year, I book free classroom Skype (or Google Hangout) visits for World Read Aloud Day. This year, I'm opening up time slots for February 1, 2019 now so you can schedule early. Just contact me via my contact form, and let me know what grade your class is, and a few times that would work, as well as what time zone you live in.

Each Skype visit is about 15-20 minutes long. I introduce myself, read aloud SALAD PIE (with a bit of audience participation), and then answer a few of the students' questions (please have them prepared in advance). I also show and talk about a few books that I love that I didn't write, so students can get all revved up about reading!


Did you know that there's a whole host of research out there about why reading aloud to children is so good for them? Reading aloud allows kids to develop phonological awareness and other literacy skills, increases attention, increases vocabulary and enhances social-emotional development. So in addition to having fun, all kinds of growth is happening at the same time.