Books & Mortar/Congress Book Drive

One of my favourite bookstores, Books & Mortar, is supporting their local Grand Rapids Public School with this nifty promotion.

                    I spy SALAD PIE!

                    I spy SALAD PIE!

The sign reads "Please support the Congress Elementary Book Drive. Receive 10% off your entire purchase when you buy one or more books to donate to the classroom libraries at Congress Elementary--right in our backyard!

"Every book has been hand-picked and requested by the teaching staff and will be infinitely treasured as resources that help inspire and empower our next generation of leaders! THANK YOU!"

One of my favourite parts of this book drive is that it involves the teachers at Congress Elementary. Not only have the teachers chosen the books that fit their classroom library needs, but they've been hosting story times at the bookstore. Having been a teacher at GRPS myself, I know that when you are asked what you need to make your classroom better, it makes all the difference. Thank you, Books & Mortar, for being the community bookstore that inspires teachers and students.

East Leonard Salad Pie

One special class in Grand Rapids read HUNDREDS of books in March for reading month, and I got to visit them. We talked about what we love, and how that gets to be part of the stories we write. I love the outdoors, imagination, books, and food. All of those elements can be found in SALAD PIE. 

Then we made East Leonard Salad Pie. Everyone wrote down what they would put in Salad Pie, and we put it into a big bowl, and mixed it up.

Here's the recipe for East Leonard Salad Pie, up close. Good thing it's a pretend pie!

Keep reading and writing, East Leonard!